• Bambi

    SKU: PK050
    The hustle of work and parenthood can take a ton of enegry out of our system, phsyical fatigue is only worsend by a busy and stressful brain. We need new ways of relaxation that soothes the mind. Colouring canvas is exactly the escape that you need to set your inner artisit free. Every kit comes with a printed pattern canvas, a set of paints that matches the printed pattern with number references and a set of painting brushes that's perfect for the project. You can also do this together with your children, not only will you spend quality time together, it also helps develope their creative skills. Regaless of how talented you are, you are guaranteed to end up with a master piece that's worthy of being displayed! Why wait? Pick your favourite design today.
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      Canvas Size: 500 x 650mm

      Each kit includes:

      1 x Fully Prepared Canvas

      2 sets of paint brushes

      2 sets of pre-mixed paint pots